Faith Tabernacle  Full    Gospel Church

744 Pearl ST  

Bowling Green KY 42101

Service Time Sundays 11 Am

Faith Tabernacle Full Gospel Church was first opened in 1948. They began to gather under a tent until the church was built. 

Through the years many pastors have come and gone but however the spirit of Lord continues to move in the lives  of the congregation.  Healings, Souls being Saved, demons beings cast out, and many other things that people just dont  believe would happen in church.  

Today churches are  forgetting what Christ came to do. He came to Love, Heal, and Forgive.  He Loves you very much. It does not matter what you have done it life Christ is willing to forgive you. If you are looking for a home church come we would love to see you. May God Bless! Remember Christ Loves You and So Do WE!